London Tree Week #7

Between Southampton row and Great Ormond Street, the leafy roadways complement the central planting of Queen Square itself. mono of Ash trees in Queen square In amongst the crowds of London Planes reside two magnificent Ash trees. Standing as two sentinels at the entrance of the 18th Century St George’s church, Fraxinus excelsior are reaching for the heavens. I can only hope and pray that they do not succumb to the dreaded Ash dieback disease.

Urban planners are opting for more moderate and manageable trees, which means in time, there will be far fewer Ash trees seen on our streets. Impractical perhaps but these leggy, frothy green shades are a wonderful sight for urban eyes and at the end of this week-long celebration, embody the spirit of London Tree Week (LTW).
ash trees in the streets of Queen Square
Ash dieback disease – map


4 thoughts on “London Tree Week #7

  1. Laura – I have so enjoyed your tree week. Did you know that it was in the parks of London that my parents’ love of trees – which culminated in our arboretum – first found its roots? (or perhaps its leaves…)

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