smart photoart: RS1design

I usually dedicate Fridays to photoart but am only just back after a few away days which would have gone undetected since the daily London tree week posts were pre-scheduled to publish. Fiendishly clever is WordPress 🙂

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Regulars will know that I’m rather keen on my camera’s text mode facility which creates high-contrast, stencilled outlines. I do like the monochrome but for the sake of art, gave some extra white space to the original Russell square image and then overlaid that with an aquatic, wavy wash. Finally the addition of a colourful, angular effect brought the eye line back to the perpendicular, with its inferred reference to London squares.

I’ve only recently given merchandising with søciety6 a go which involves creating several different templates in size and shape for the various products. This RS1 design works well in diverse cropped modes.

collage of society6 products in RS1 design
London Squares: RS1 design – prints, canvas, stationery, iphone cases & skins

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