Smart Photoart: quixote

A statue of Minerva with the mammonesque Shard and Southwark cathedral as background becomes ‘Quixote’ with a little photo artistry:

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The editing is simple enough – cross-hatched illustration exaggerates texture,  contrast and colour and then the whole is transformed into a gritty, ruby mono with the SPE effect – ‘intermingle 008’. This brings out the heat and blood of combat whether as the Roman goddess of war or as a quixotic figure tilting at windmills.

print, canvas, card, iPhone case & skin @ søciety6

Finalising it with ‘art texture 001’,  the print looks particularly good as an iPhone skin and completes this Friday’s Smart phototoart.

Tell Tale Therapy: With the warrior poised between the edifices of church and state, the image brought to mind a favourite novel. Not the tome of Cervantes’ Don but a parallel tale by Graham Greene and so I’ve mocked-up a book cover with review on my wordier blog: Monsignor Quixote


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