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Simply Suffolk #2

mudflats of the butley estuary, Suffolk Initially I was going to discard this image as it appears that the heavens have been airbrushed out instead of being merely overcast. On reconsideration I liked the white-out effect of sky melting into water, with a boost to the ruddy brown and green tones of Boyton marshes. It all adds to the sense of isolation where Avocet and Oyster catcher shrill overhead and a lone Cuckoo called across the distance. [#simplysuffolk]



one blog for playing with photography @ eljaygee and the other with a weakness for words @ Tell Tale Therapy

8 thoughts on “Simply Suffolk #2

  1. Hi Laura,
    I like the effect–it is striking. I stopped deleting images, because sometimes I find a surprising use for imperfect images, for instance, I kept the blurry images of a Flamenco dancer, I’m not sure why, but have come to appreciate the motion and movement it conveys, much more so than if I had achieved the perfect still shot I had hoped for.

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