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WPC: the world through my eyes

My world is often black and white, interspersed with grey tones, as I focus more and more on monochrome photography.

Monochrome can sometimes seem dull or even morbid, especially as cemeteries are a favourite topic but there is peace to be found here, and plants and even a wry outlook on life. As I lay me down to rest, the stones will stand…
Standing Stones: Not the best of shots – a windy, mostly overcast day but sunlight broke through to burn the top right corner which is not good. Nevertheless, I liked the slightly misty effect of the light in the long grass with daisies and also I learn a lot by studying these less than ideal captures!

Without colour, I aim  to improve focus on light, texture, composition and subject  -see Ming Thein’s ‘Viewing the world with a photographer’s eye‘. Roll over for captions and click to enlarge:-

For all that, people make the most interesting of subjects; their activities  raising questions in the viewer’s mind, as to what is going on. This is part of my world – the Chinese Community centre and the beginning and almost end of our sponsored walk around the parks of Central London yesterday.

See the world through the eyes of others  with this week’s photo challenge



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