Tuesday Triptych: Veinglorious

geranium oxonianum 'Lace time'Seemingly the hand of an artist has infilled the cranesbill cups of  ‘Lace Time’. * Whether in summer blush or monochrome, this magenta-veined geranium retains its understated charm in a triptych for Tuesday

* reminds me of the drawings on Bec’s blog: Clouds of Colour

G x Oxonianum ‘Lace Time’


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Triptych: Veinglorious

  1. lovely, just lovely especially the b&w’s. i did landscape design for a decade and Cranesbill was almost always a permenant inclusion in my garden designs, and any other flower that tended toward blue.
    and kudos for the word ‘triptych’, instantly reminds me of Francis Bacon and ty for that.

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