Worthy as a wasp

In the breeze, seedpods of Red Campion are tipping out their harvest from curly-edge cups – a process I observed being helped along by a wasp. Time and again a young Vespula visitor searched out this particular pod in a clump of many, stripping off the dry, plant fibres around it and letting slip the seeds within.

wasp stripping a red campion seedpodInstead of the Jasper’s alarming yellow and black, sepia intones a more benign view. I’m reminded that wasps are worthy of our respect as pollinators, predators of garden pests, and evidently re-cyclers and accidental seed-dispersers. By late summer no doubt I’ll be cursing their attentions.

Nature Notes: wood and plant cellulose is taken back to the nest and fed to the larvae. Chewed into a paste, it dries into a  waterproofing material for the extension of more brood cells as the colony expands. [Life cycle of the wasp – Vespula vulgaris]

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