Smart photoart: Butterfly circles

Slingsby Place in Covent Garden has its street decor rings decked out in pretty motifs that celebrate summer. The addition of some HDR add some refinement and clarity to the image but I decided to take it one step further…
…and so with a SPE 180 degree reflection, arises a cathedralesque monument to the butterfly circles.
butterfly rings mirror image - slingsby placePrints, canvas, card, iPhone case & skin @ søciety6

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Postscript: It may be a sign of the silly season or perhaps I’m in need of some balance and symmetry so this week I’ll be posting images on the same theme of #mirrormirror

Hint: Smart Photo Editor produces this effect in in one move – a left hand 50% image copy that is then flipped horizonal. The same steps can be achieved in Photoshop


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