Mirror #6: dendrolatry

london plane trees encircle  a lime tree -Trees inspire legends and invoke anthropomorphism as we search for likenesses within their features. Some cultures even worship them but until now I’ve never considered how these woodlanders interact with each other.

Lime (Tilia x europaea) is renowned as the Good Natured  tree and in the mirrored image, London Planes appear to bow in a bower around the Tilia pillar, which fits the magic myth of Druids. [#mirrormirror]

“Lime or Lynden is laden with the power of attraction that underlies not only love, infatuation, and harmony, but also the very fabric of the material cosmos in such forces as magnetism, adhesion, and gravity.


10 thoughts on “Mirror #6: dendrolatry

  1. Wonderful image. I grew up with lime trees, our own and all our neighbouring houses had one at the bottom of the garden. Ours was the best climber, and until I read the Druid lore that was what associated lime trees with – climbability, suckers and street planting where they leaked sap all over the cars. Who knew we had the “very fabric of the material cosmos” at the bottom of our garden, maybe that is why I loved climbing to the pollarded top and sitting their reading and day-dreaming so much?!

    1. always figured you as an adventurous dreamer, Janet. 🙂 Am thinking of makling Tilia the subject of my tree following next year. Away from streets, the Lime is not a sticky pest but a force to be reckoned with

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