Smart photoart: Gordon square gothic

I’ve a lot to learn about lighting! Having failed to satisfactorily capture a rosy dusk over the church at Gordon Square, I still did not discard the image. So now it’s been dusted off, and various SPE graphic effects sequentially added. Thus, the mid-Victorian gothic atmosphere is outlined with a watercolour and ink effect and in the final edit  I overlaid the russet hues with some wintry blues, which are more in keeping with the time of year. [click to enlarge]

Hint: Landscape images do not readily transform to the portrait format (needed for iphone cases etc)  but I was able to modify this one well enough, to retain the focus on the church. See more of my photoart prints, canvas, card, iPhone case & skin @ søciety6

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Gordon Square , Bloomsbury: The Church of Christ the King


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