Invisible interests

No name only a number – 90 Long Acre, built in the 80s, refurbished in the 90s, and recently purchased by Northwood Investors for £165 million.

“The property lies within the Core Central Activities Zone, the West End Special Retail Policy Area and a Central Activities Zone Frontage” 1

One has to dig deep into Westminster planning department to untangle the meaning but the outcome is likely to be a mix of luxury residential dwellings; prestigious Grade A offices; exclusive 5* hotel; high value retail / restaurant. Somewhere in all this is supposed to be ‘affordable housing’ but the adjective is neither well defined nor resolutely applied.

90 Long Acre
“all [the authorities] did was to guard the distant and invisible interests of distant and invisible masters”― Franz Kafka, The Castle
1. PDF – 90 Long Acre, Freehold Investment Opportunity
2. Guardian: ‘Boris Johnson’s 2020 vision for London housing is myopic’


4 thoughts on “Invisible interests

  1. Plantaliscious

    Love the Kafka quote, perfect – and isn’t it funny how the “affordable” housing always somehow gets lost somewhere in the process…

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