WPC: One shot, two ways

This week’s photo challenge – one shot two ways – was very enjoyable. Consecutively viewing through the lens on the vertical and horizontal plane was a good way of training my photographer’s eye. Personally my shots tend to be portrait although that depends ultimately on what I’m capturing.

Here I did not have the advantage of an umbrella to shade from the mid day sun but could not resist snapping this vignette in Ching Court, Covent Garden.

ching court in depth
ching court in depth
ching court in detail
ching court in more intimate detail

With this simple arrangement of hydrangeas , portrait gives both the full picture as well as the close-updetail whilst landscape shows the mopheads in their full glory


13 thoughts on “WPC: One shot, two ways

  1. super photos, and informative illustrations of the principles involved … i have really enjoyed playing with the two ways this week too … but your entry is outstanding (and pretty) laura 🙂

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