best before #6

After my 60th birthday, I began a ‘best before‘ theme of shabby chic vintage and faded loveliness, which somehow fizzled out. Having recently come across the Japanese version of this, called Wabi Sabi (the aesthetic of humble beauty), I’ve been inspired to resurrect it.

wabit sabi faded roses

TO grow older is this:
To feel on the first rose
The breath malign and fell
Of the first icicle,
And in the earliest kiss
The handshake of farewell…
Jan Struther


9 thoughts on “best before #6

  1. I’ve found this as a result of your comment on my Beauty in Decay… it’s lovely, and you should resurrect this series!

      1. All my current BiD are flowers growing old. My first passion was decay in buildings, but I haven’t posted these as BiD per se….

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