WPC: Focus

Whist waiting at the Brides Tavern, Blackfriars, for a thirst-quenching lager, this metal weave table caught my attention.
metal weave tableIn the top image, it was the warp and weft ribboned surface that I wanted to capture but then I noticed the matching chair beneath and switching to high-contrast monochrome (which gives a lovely wet paint look to metal), focused in between the slats…
…before turning my attention upwards, past the profusion of petunias. The focal point is on the lamp and pub sign which is necessarily off-centre, so as to incorporate the window reflection.

The Ricoh CX3 has several focal settings and I probably used the Multi Auto Focus here but cannot be sure. Nevertheless I’m thankful for the WordPress weekly photo challenge of Focus which has made me revise what all the modes mean:

  • Multi AF: Measures the distances from nine AF areas and focuses to the nearest AF area.
  • Spot AF: Selects one AF area at the center of the picture display to allow the camera to focus on this area automatically.
  • Face-Pri. AF: The camera automatically detects and focuses on faces.
  • Continuous AF: Measures the distance from the center AF area and focuses on the subject in the center area. If the subject moves while the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, the camera will track the subject while focusing continuously.
  • Multi-trgt AF: Takes five consecutive pictures while shifting the focus to multiple positions.
  • MF:  Can adjust the focus manually.
  • Snap: Fixes the shooting distance to a short distance (approx. 2.5 m (8.2 ft.)
  • ∞ (Infinity): Fixes the shooting distance to infinity. It is useful for shooting distant scenes

Cambridge in Colour: Understanding Camera Autofocus
Matthew George’s post on focus
Online manual: Ricoh CX3


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      1. i spent yesterday at a macro photography workshop and did several exercises with aperture and focus … but my shots for the challenge were taken the day before … they just fitted 🙂

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