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Smart photoart: Poladroids

It’s Friday when I like to lighten the mood with some photoart. Yesterday’s Polaroid post is today’s Poladroids, a photo-styling app that emulates the retro instamtaic.

Processing from brown through to blue channel, a copy of the developing image can be taken at any time, with a right hand click. It finalises with the virtual whirr-click delivery of the instant image, which will print out at 400dpi.

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Comes complete with textured, off-white border, a nostalgic colour shift, and lomoesque blur. Sometimes the hues are too heavy on the purples but this is a light-hearted application meant for fun. Some of us find Poladroids strangely compelling too.
Here are a few of my examples – click any image to begin slideshow

be Poladroid ! on Flickr

Note: In September, Fujifilm are resurrecting their Polaroid camera: Instax mini 90 Neo Classic



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4 thoughts on “Smart photoart: Poladroids

  1. I love faking Polaroids. I always tend to do it manually through Photoshop though. I tried an app like Poladroid once, but I found I couldn’t quite get the effect I wanted. I wanted a bit more control.

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