The eye of the beholder

Walking the river Deben at Melton,  I like to tarry over my favourite wreck – a decaying houseboat, and to my eyes, beautiful as an aged model.wreck, river deben, Suffolk With the dingy still clinging to starboard she also looks as sad as a beached whale with calf. There’s an added sense of desolation too, with the high contrast monochrome [#HCM]decaying boat on the river debenP.S. but here is the boat in mellower tones as a Golden Oldie


6 thoughts on “The eye of the beholder

  1. Those are wonderful photos and words Laura, remind me of a similar wreck that used to sit on the estuary near Pensarn Harbour in North Wales. I walked past it every time I went to the beach, which was frequently as I worked at the harbour at the time, and was always drawn to the skeleton of a boat that travelled who knows where in its day. I don’t suppose you watch Kevin’s Man Made House, by any chance? The skeleton of a boat was wonderfully re-purposed to create a dramatic deck for a summer cabin, creating something practical that nonetheless paid homage to the boat that provided the materials.

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