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WPC: Saturated

golden helianthus After last week’s monochromes, these Helianthus positively glow under Indian summer skies, showing their true colours for the Weekly photo challenge: Saturated



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

31 thoughts on “WPC: Saturated

          1. We actually grate them in salads eating them raw, as well as baking, roasting etc…but we don’t mash them 😉 But then Italians eat artichokes raw as well (the bottom end of the leaves).

      1. allotment? are there any alloments in your area? have you put your name down? I remember how upset you were when you could no longer garden, or are there any public gardens you could be a volunteer at? just some ideas, Frances

        1. alltoments too far and too long a waiting list but I do have my neighbours garden which she lets me loose on. Have tansformed it from something terrible to something lush and pleasing. Now just managing it but need to make it easier maintenance if/when I leave London 😉

        1. our cat walks without any permission through 7 neighbour-gardens on her daily (and nightly) controls. once she was for 14 days imprisoned in neighbour’s house who flew to holidays in the Bahamas. She drank out of the closet / WC there – we did not know where she was …

            1. now she avoids one special neighbour’s garden – when she came back she was very thin! (but she continued to drink out of the toilet – always remembering her own life-saving idea: that’s resilience, isn’t it?)

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