Smart photoart: fauvism-on-sea

There are times when art does not imitate life sufficiently so that it is necessary to make it into something bigger or bolder – an expression of what we see, that is not there.

This ‘afternoon at the seaside’ scene was an incomplete capture, in need of something else, some feature to the left perhaps that would anchor the quartet of sea, sand, sky and foreground with a fifth element.

Instead of adding an object, I altered the lighting contrast and overlaid a grayscale SPE effect to create the missing element – textured depth – transforming bland in the sand to drama in panorama.

Since the image has a painterly quality with strong colour over and above its realistic value, I’ve added it to my Society6 collection,  entitled: Fauvism-on-sea

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11 thoughts on “Smart photoart: fauvism-on-sea

  1. Very interesting progression of images. It looks like you had some fun there. I do like the final one, the texture works really well and the colours are certainly more interesting!

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