Smart photoart: Brush with Autumn

I was struck by the Lowryesque figures of tourists by Buckingham Palace. Much of the detail was obscured in the shade of The Mall avenue so I added an orange-hued, painterly effect from Smart Photo Editor. At 50% opacity it becomes an autumnal watercolor but at 100% it morphs into fine brush work.

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Although specifics of locale is lost, the focus shifts to the triangular pespective and the patterned movement of figures
autumn afternoon by the palace
Trying this ‘autumn brush’ with other images, I found that an excess of white space can be a problem, particularly on the margins, but this is easily overcome with the addition of ‘noise’.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
Less detail is lost when the figures are close-up but here the white hightlights were compromised and so I countered with a grey overlayExif_JPEG_PICTURE


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