Thursday trees: channeling green

Despite my brush with Autumn last week, most of Central London’s urban trees are hanging on to their greenery.
still green - trees of russell squareEarly morning under the limbs of the enormous Cherry tree, I turned up the exposure on my camera to enjoy more luminescene to the chlorophyll light
green channel contrast - cherry tree branches and beechIn contrasting effect, the neighbouring burnished Beech is more in keeping with the season whilst only the tips of the Cherry tree are losing their green channel.
autumn cherry tree leaves with HDR effect


16 thoughts on “Thursday trees: channeling green

  1. The trees up here in Yorkshire are trying to hang on to their green too. I’m wondering if it will be a gradual change or one of those open the curtains in the morning moments when nothing will stop you grabbing the camera and going for it (nothing except the job, the kids or the rain, of course).

    1. that sounds marvellous Stephen -the sudden fall of autumn like an overnight snowstorm. Nature tends to me more gradual – photographers have to take note every day! I’ll be watching for signs from the North!

  2. Lovely photo’s! Hanging on here in the Midlands too. Some things are changing but very slowly and I am getting impatient! I have Newstead Abbey on my doorstep-ish and it is beautiful in the autumn with the glowing reds and oranges. Twiddling thumbs in anticipation…

  3. Lovely. I am hoping to walk up the river soon to see if the trees in the woodland are showing any signs of Autumn, because even my acer is still resolutely purple. The cherry with that exposure is positively Spring-like, and I love the contrast with the dark branches. The leaves on my beach went brown weeks ago, not even a hint of buttery yellow, and are now mostly on the ground. Strange October!

  4. I love your green light shots, and it really has been a funny autumn so far. Lots of trees are still green and fully clad, while others have surreptitiously dropped their brown leaves one by one…..the sycamores though have just suddenly turned yellow…I caught some nice shots yesterday in a mist filled afternoon.

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