Thursday trees: all shook up

plane tree and waning moona  waning October moon captured between the wilting canopy of a crestfallen, London planefallen plane tree in russell square young and apparently healthy but maybe just in the wrong place at the wrong time when St Jude’s stormy Westerlies came across the corner of Russell Square. I’ve given  the plane tree a larger-than-life HDR effect to accentuate the tangled treetop perspective that we would not normally be able to view

elsewhere, the trees are all shook up but still standingOctober morning in Russell Square

“It is going now, and my heart has been struck with the hearts of the planes;
Half my life it has beat with these, in the sun, in the rains,
             In the March wind, the May breeze,
In the great gales that came over to them across the roofs from the great seas.
             There was only a quiet rain when they were dying;
             They must have heard the sparrows flying,
And the small creeping creatures in the earth where they were lying—
             But I, all day, I heard an angel crying:
             ‘Hurt not the trees.’ ” Charlotte Mew

[Mew’s poem regarding the felling of plane trees in 1922 for the new layout of  Euston Square Gardens]


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