Smart photoart: accidental fall

A happy accident with the printer gave me plenty of scope for this 1st of November photoart. I’d left an Acer leaf under the cover after scanning it and then inadvertently pressed the black and white copy button. Half way through, I lifted the lid, trying to stop the process, and this is the result:-

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A variety of Smart Photoart’s rip-roaring textured colours make fun, bold statements though the ‘Folding Foliage’ effect best fitted the products of  søciety6

but when it comes to art, as the saying goes: “you can’t gild the lily”. Soft blur and mount completes the picture in a pleasing simplicity. I’ve entitled it ‘steps of a passing ghost‘ after the poem:-
'Steps of Passing Ghost' - photocopied leaf in mono and mountListen. .
With faint dry sound,
Like steps of passing ghosts,
The leaves, frost-crisp’d, break from the trees
And fall.
Adelaide Crapsey


10 thoughts on “Smart photoart: accidental fall

    1. thank you Amy – if I had an iphone, I’d go for the ‘folding foliage’ but since it was my husband who knocked the copy button, I’ve printed the B&W out for him. He was the ghost in the machine!

  1. oh my, I would be like child in a kindergarten with those tools … you have created such a joyful explosion of colour Laura … but yes, the b&w is elegant and a happy accident 🙂

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