best before #7

blue leaf for an auricular autumn

the blue leaf caught my eye; the colour of a bloodless coup
and shaped like an ear as if to remind me that
Autumn is a season of sounds.
Fixed by the glare of fiery foliage I forget to listen
for the dry, footfall of spent leaves,
and weep instead for another year of left undones.


17 thoughts on “best before #7

  1. Melancholy and autumn often seem to walk hand in hand somehow, thouhg weirdly I tend to find it invigorating. I try not to think about the number of things I have failed to do, it could be overwhelming, and instead am trying to learn to live in the moment. Even if it is full of blue leaves.

  2. people use the word inspirational rather lightly these days. But your words and image did make me breathe in, and stay for a moment in the moment, which took me to that creative composting place in my head which quite took my mind off my cold. One thing leading to another: the great thing about blogging. I understand the sense of regret, but perhaps you could turn it into a kite.

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