Tuesday triptych: raising my game

photographers_gallery_triptychA visit to the photographer’s gallery hones the visual sense and there is an undercurrent of hope that some talent will rub off, via the gaze of studious intent. Although technichally excellent, I was not keen to emulate the exhibits of naked angst, straying at times into downright tasteless,  impressions of ‘motherhood’. But downstairs, photos from Lartigue, of life and times with Bibi and his muses, were inexhaustibly brilliant.

the photographer’s  gallery: Jacques-Henri Lartigue


6 thoughts on “Tuesday triptych: raising my game

  1. The faint glimpses of the photos in your own picture suggest you were quite brave to stay and look round. Don’t let the wrong things (by which I mean things you don’t like) rub off on your own work.

  2. That was quite funny. I typed the comment, pressed the Post Comment button and a notice came up to say I was doing things too quickly and I should slow down. I will use that as a reference if ever I go for a typing job! It’s done it again. I will have to go slower still. Your blog should contain a health warning ‘Encourages Sloth’.

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