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Sealed in

The last post title was somewhat prophetic, as on my return,  I was literally sealed in for a couple of days…blogwise that is

It was not possible to access any of my blogs and logging in to the dashboard brought up the ominous ‘No data received error’. This happened to some WordPress users back in July, apparently due to The Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) crude blocking methods.*

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAt first I was just a little anxious…and then resigned to wait along with many other UK users, regardless of ISP providerstarted to feel a little bullish when being pushed from pillar to post between TalkTalk and WordPresstechy too there for a whilebut then all resolved so many thanks to the fixer. I can smile again!

Note: No animals were hurt in the making of this post. Just click for a closer look

WordPress Links:
July 2013: * Recent problems accessing sites
November 2013: No data received error

Lincolnshire Trust: Donna Nook Seals



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

24 thoughts on “Sealed in

  1. glad your part back Laura and hope everything will be as it should be soon,
    lovely photos, she looks like she is saying ‘paparazzi leave us alone’ then she looks flaked out as she gives up! imagine you had a great time, Frances

    1. I felt more humourous about it all then but now back to NO dashboard access, and still no solution on the WordPress/TalkTalk/IWF no data recevied error, I’m back to tetchy!
      p.s. If I sign out, clear cache I can just about reply to comments. It’s called loggin not blogging!!

  2. Yikes, that is scary. A good reminder to back up at least once a week–which I need to do pronto! It does seem like the blogosphere has been rather quiet for a few days. Maybe this is part of the reason. I hope things get entirely resolved soon!

    1. Catching you in the moment of clearing history & cookies to thank you for your appreciation. Smiling in the face of frustration eh?! One week and no solutions yet or even any info from WordPress

  3. I’m amazed I’ve managed to access your blog and like your post amid this botnet attack or whatever is causing the current WordPress chaos! I love your photos, though it’ll be a miracle if this comment actually appears… :D.

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