Thursday trees: après le déluge

Boxing Day and the trees look punch drunk after the stormy Christmas weather. Squally gusts have stripped the trees naked and left behind sodden earth to dry under blue skies

seed and dessicated leaf were easily dislodged but even the last of the Plane trees’ greenery was torn from its grasp. Congregating in colourful collages and puddles, reflections recreate the attachment of leaf to branch

only the pin oak has no need for such trickery, clutching its curled dry leaves,like a shy heroine of the storm.

And in winter finery, trees show off their textured trunks and the strange organisms that live in this arboreal landscape

Truth is like a vast tree which yields more and more fruit the more you nurture it – Gandhi

Postscript: Britain is braced for another onslaught of heavy rain and violent gales – More flooding expected


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