Getting out there

Seemingly if I am to continue to attract more readers to this blog I should post on the passageways of red deer, akin to a gherkin line drawing and ultimately slain by saint mary axe and a big birthday cake.

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collage of popular search terms 2013

Search tags as visitor bait are notoriously unpredictable but the weather is guaranteed to interest, if my St Jude post is anything to go by. It also blows in the visitors – most swept in on a West (Good Morning America!) or NorWesterly front although there were frequently bracing Easterlies and some sweet Southerlies too.

Thank you to everyone who passed by on the ‘like’ button and those who stop to add a few encouraging/funny/kind words, especially to these uber-duber bloggers-:

Top commenters 2013: thank you Donna@Gardens Eye View, Amy@the World is a Book & Janet@ Plantaliscious

Unsurprisingly WordPress* do their utmost to help us popularise our sites, and whilst traffic driving may be good for the blog it may not be so good for the blogger. Hence I’m getting out there – in the opposite direction – before the Automattrix takes over completely.

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214 new posts in 2013

I lose time, and touch with reality, in cyberspace so I aim to post less often/more briefly/faster, narrowing down the bloggers I follow to those with whom I have some reciprocity, and generally I’ll be more active beyond the blogging world. There’s the great outdoors out there!

mansion house flats, Bloomsbury
small worlds vs the great outdoors

Postscript: I guess this amounts to a New Year’s resolution, akin to another of my Good Intentions

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12 thoughts on “Getting out there

  1. I’ve cut posting from 7 to 3 days per week – gives me more time to comment on blogs, reply to comments and generally relish, read and marvel at the talent in cyberspace.

    As far as number of followers is concerned – nice to have many but quite secondary, really.

    Wish you all the best with your new ‘resolution’ 🙂

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