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My fave shot of 2013

Joining Elisa @ ETP who proposes a post for picking our most fave shot of 2013.

By inference it does not necessarily have to be the best image and for that reason it is quite difficult to choose – our captures hold different and often conflicting emotions.  I like the clarity of monochromes and perhaps especially the high contrast of black and whites. And so I suppose this could be the one:
high and dry boats at low tide, Melton, Suffolk -  - high contrast monochromeEntitled ‘High & Dry’, it was part of my #HCM series and a Wordless Wednesday post – but this is what I think of when I look at this image:

when the river Deben is sucked back into the sea, far down the inlet, there are few coming and goings – only the occasional in-flight birds gleaning the tideline.  I can almost hear the last salty trickles meandering along contours, etched by a departed current. Silence is as sharp as the outlines of seafaring vessels, settling themselves down in the muddy estuary, like cows before rain.



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