Smart photoart: Righting the angle

City Thameslink is the oddest of stations in terms of architecture, with an approach that resemebles the interior of a boiler room. Turning topsy-turvy in its own symmetry, it becomes a much more fascinating piece of architecture and one that summoned  an extract from Le Corbusier’s ‘Poem of the Right Angle’:-

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right angle of the character
of the spirit of the heart.
I mirrored myself in this character
and found myself
found at home
Horizontal vision in front.
I think this meeting of points qualifies for Sonels Photo Editing Challenge: Unusual angles

…and there are more in my new photoart: Angles Gallery

Useful Links:
Le Corbusier ‘Le Poeme de l’Angle Droit‘ – translation ‘Poem of the Right Angle


9 thoughts on “Smart photoart: Righting the angle

  1. Sonel

    Wow Laura! Absolutely stunning indeed! Great angle and thos edits are truly amazing. Love the weathered paint effect. Looks so futuristic! Thanks so much for taking part and for sharing. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

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