There is nothing straightforward about symmetry. It can be eye-catching but is potentially mundane, without the benefit of compositional complexities. Certainly I use mirroring quite frequently in my photoart edits but capturing it in camera takes skill.

I’m practicing centrality – including standing square on and levelling the view, as without adjustable legs, it’s necessary to compensate for inclines, even in London. Had to do some minor cropping here:-
symmetry in buildings, islingtonPassing by this wharfside development, the vertical arrangement of the design forced a double-take. Admittedly the eye-line reaches in to nowhere much although it does add subliminal depth. All the interest remains on either side of the mid-ground, leaving the gaze to zig-zag back and forth spotting the differences. If only there had been a fixed point of interest in the foregroundold bailey balance and symmetryWhen it comes to balance, the Old Bailey has the scales of  justice, the sword of truth and the simulacrum of architecture, reflecting on all front and in all the small details, the difference between equality and sameness. Perhaps some are more equal after all, when it comes to Criminal Justice.

Over on the Holborn Viaduct, the heraldic dragons are beetroot puce and gushingly gilded in freshly painted livery. I captured them in B&W to spare the blushes of these fierce guardians of the city, tamely sitting  in shining symmetry. [Only after did I see the sodden tissue between toes which I declined to remove!]

holborn dragons in back to back symmetry
Spot the difference – obviously one mould placed in opposite directions

8 thoughts on “Symmetry

  1. I found myself itching to re-arrange buildings in that first image, to make it all more symmetrical! Excellent capture. Where is that intriguing avenue of concrete flats/apartments, all raked back like mini pyramids? It featured on “Silent Witness” (I know, I know, but a fairly harmless vice) the other night, That has very intriguing symmetry, could make for great photos…

    Don’t blame you for the tissue – maybe he had a cold?!

    1. this is Islington Janet – and apparently Silent Witness ‘features a wide range of London boroughs, including diverse spaces in Brent, Camden, The City, Ealing, Hackney, Haringey, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Richmond, Southwark and Westminster.’

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