Weather gallery: January 2014

The words storm force, mini tornados, Spring tides, flooding, thunder, and rain, rain, rain has dominated the weather headlines. Alongside the deluge, it has been especially warm in the South and it is easy to forget how many clear blue skies days there have also been. Nevertheless…

January has been the wettest on record for parts of southern England
The UK as a whole received 164.6mm (6.5in) of rain in January, 35 per cent above the long-term average, with 175.2mm (6.9in) in South East and Central England, more than twice the regional average and the highest since records began

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23 thoughts on “Weather gallery: January 2014

  1. Lovely set of photos. It is strange how the rainy days feel so endless, easily pushing out of mind the days – or hours – of glorious winter sunshine. I have to look at my photos to remind myself.

  2. yes, beautiful photos, the rain and trauma, yet some blue skies and sunshine …. the puddle photo is fabulous, mud and bare branches telling a story … we need rain here, just whisper to the next thunder cloud you see please πŸ™‚

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