WPC: Selfie

Making the most of the camera’s ‘sunshine’ filter for obliteration!

The WordPress weekly photo challenge: ‘Selfie’ is quite a challenge! I’ve always been camera-shy and  tend to project on to others my own dislike of its intrusiveness. Hence I’m uneasy about photographing people and passers-by but as I’d like to try out portraiture with willing sitters, it’s only right to put myself in focus first. Feels like I’m daring to bare!

Anyway, it gives me the chance to experiment with the Lumix’s filters, and some post camera tweaks.


27 thoughts on “WPC: Selfie

        1. And I forgot to say – I like very much how expressive your shots are. Because seriously – who wants to see those duck face selfies you find everywhere!?

  1. I’m the same, and was roundly told off for being selfish by my sil recently, who pointed out that those that love me would rather like the occasional photo of me! And I have to say, since you have a wonderful face with bone structure to die for (I speak as one who has a pudding face), you have nothing to worry about,. My favourites are top middle and bottom middle, and your general air of grumpiness in the others made me smile!

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