WPC: Threes

As regular readers of my blog will know, I’ve  a particular fondness for the three-in-one image, quite often posting a triptych on Tuesdays.

But for this week’s photo challenge: Threes, I’ve conjured a host of triplicates. Invariably they tell the same story from alternate angles though at times they are a composite of contrasting facets.

the millennium bridge in horizontal triptych
looking through 3 facets of London from Waterloo to the Temple
coppicing woodland as monochrome triptych
st_andrews_uphill triptych - city of london
walking uphill in the city at St Andrews in the wardrobe
from warehouse to towers at Blackfriars – the white sky unites the trio even closer

Note: These triptych were composed with Picasa 3.9 but I also use free templates – here’s how: 3 into 1 does go


16 thoughts on “WPC: Threes

  1. all those stories work well … the bridge series is wonderful, as is the walking uphill in St Andrew btW… I have ancestors from St Andrews by the Wardrobe, it always sounds comical to me!

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