Weather Gallery: February 2014

Like much of the rest of the country, Central London has seen winter rainfall in quantities not recorded since 1915. So much so, that the Thames barrier has been closed a record 40 times this year to stop the North sea swamping our foreshores, up to tidal Teddington. Even so, higher reaches have had severe flooding of river front homes with great loss to residents, as well as in much of coastal and riparian areas of West Wales, Central  and South West  England.

In between February’s full-on rainy days, we’ve experienced very gusty weather  with litter flying, statics tumbling, and one fatality here when part of a building in Holborn blew down on a passing vehicle. In between the extremes, have been half and half days of sunshine sweeping away rain clouds, or vice versa, by noon.  Temperatures have not dipped below freezing here, which for gardeners means that many pests will have survived to start predation earlier.

I’m extending my interest in meteorology with the Met Offices’ “The Cloud Book” – aiming to learn and identify all 27 types, plus the special formations. February has seen some classic, red skies at night – and in the morning!

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In summary, February weather has been just as Longfellow described March:

I Martius am!  Once first, and now the third!
To lead the Year was my appointed place;
A mortal dispossessed me by a word,
And set there Janus with the double face.
Hence I make war on all the human race;
I shake the cities with my hurricanes;
I flood the rivers and their banks efface,
And drown the farms and hamlets with my rains.
The Poets Calendar – March – Longfellow


16 thoughts on “Weather Gallery: February 2014

  1. I like your great variety of weather pics, beautiful! Although we didn’t have weather as bad as in the UK over here, it’s been very warm and I am definitely not looking forward to any garden pests and mosquitos.

  2. lovely photos, especially the clouds … our weather has been strange too … our poor planet seems to have the flu, hot and cold and out of sorts … hope your spring brings sunshine and calm weather 🙂

  3. lovely photos Laura but not so lovely to live with the weather, I think February was worst down south than up here (for once), I smiled at Longfellow’s poem and I’m glad that March doesn’t know that astrology put March last, April with Aries being the first month 😉 Frances

  4. Don’t know about the Cloud Book, Laura. I’ll have to Google it. 🙂
    I do find clouds fascinating though. I was out clicking madly this afternoon. Love your slideshow.

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