into the wide blue yonder

Beautiful blues but the sky is playing second fiddle here because it is the clouds that are the focus. As a neophyte nephologist, I’m capturing and learning the names of these nebulous formations. The veracity is at best tentative but  I think these are:

‘Fair weather cloud’ – Cumulus humilis over Regents Park
Cumulus fractus floats over the rose garden, Regent’s Park
a layer of  Stratus cloud occludes the sun, Regent’s Park

All this week I’m painting blog posts a different colour [#coloursabroad] and putting a Blogger in the Limelight: 

Take the Canadian Travel Bugs’ challenge of tourist in your own town, from the perspective of Skyline


10 thoughts on “into the wide blue yonder

  1. Laura I love the middle photo, at first glance it looks like a high tower but you must have been laying on the grass/ground to take it, beautiful sky and illusion, and well done on your cloud naming, Frances

  2. Thanks for participating in the SKY/Skyline challenge 🙂 over at CTB 😀
    Love the blue sky and fluffy clouds. Another rainy day here in Shanghai. Seems like the rain barely let up the last month, so seeing blue sky made me happy. I agree with island threads above, the middle shot is super cool.

    1. wasn’t quite sure this post qualified but liked your challenge idea – no wonder sky appealed after so much rain. We too have been inundated with deluges over winter

      1. Shanghai is not very rainy usually and not more than a day at a time—usually. The last month we have had 3-5 days of rain at a time. The days in between are grey… the Feb. Blahs have started to really set in. I am a teacher so throw in recess indoors and you start to go crazy!
        I like your photos and they showed blue sky… they fit wonderfully 🙂 It is always fun to be creative with challenges and add your own twist. (or at least I do 😉 )
        Thanks again.

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