Hung out to dry

scarecrowReturning from a trip in November, I quickly became entangled in the tripartite weave of, TalkTalk and the IWF all disowning responsibility for thousands of users’ blogs effectively barred from access, including my own. After several days of being hurled like a bagatelle ball from one peg to another of forum support requests and calls to customer care, normal service was resumed. Little or no explanation was offered but it surfaced through the grapevine as the broad sweep of the IWF (see links below).

Having just come back from a short stay, these same problems are again evident which could lead me to the paranoid belief in a connection between broken blogs and my holiday breaks. Fortunately sanity prevails though there is the sound of tearing of hair as this solitary piece of info was belatedly posted in the WP forums:

Dashboard Errors – TalkTalk, Sky, and BT Care Users
As of March 12th, is being blocked for TalkTalk, Sky, and BT Care users. This is the result of being listed on an advisory list with the Internet Watch Foundation. As a result, users of these services will likely have issues accessing their Dashboard. We are in correspondence with the IWF and are attempting to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

For now access is either timed out or intermittently working about as well as walking through treacle, whilst I can only read many other blogs through the WP reader. Since this same problem occurred last July and November, I cannot help wondering whether or not this is a quarterly clean-up, with the sweeping away of reportable porn sites, as well as hundreds of innocents caught up in the cull.

Postscript 19/3/14:  I saw the silver lining! Stumped for a name for my new photoart blog, this post inspired it – Hanging Up to Dry

Useful Links:
The Internet Watch Foundation vs. WordPress: The silence of accountability
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10 thoughts on “Hung out to dry

  1. Once again, after discovering the internet along with all our other communications are being monitored, we find all the monitoring can’t find the real culprits of the crimes they claim are being committed.

    WordPress seems to be one of the most open forums for free speech there is, and perhaps that’s why its being targeted.

    Otherwise it would seem the monitoring is totally random, which, I for one, cannot believe.

    It is quite well know that most illegal porn doesn’t even get onto the net we normal bloggers use but through the dark net, THOR, whatever that is.

    Whoever it is doing things wrong, bankers, criminals, politicians and all the other usual subjects, you can be sure it’s ordinary people who will pay the price.

    I have a feeling that because WordPress, and WordPress users, take a stand on a lot of these issues, they are being made a target for those governments and other organisations who want control over everything we see. They want users to regard the ones that oppose complete control as being shady and untrustworthy,

    It beggars belief that nobody holds any responsibility for these blocks in this day and age of technological sophistication.

    Anything Sky is involved in, and we can safely assume Murdoch’s machinations to dominate world media is somewhere nearby.

    1. not sure its quite that machiavellian Bryan- we live in an age of high tech, low morals and the so-called advisory list is something that neither WordPress, TalkTalk or IWT seem able to manage without using the wide sweep mode. Worst of all is the complete lack of info for those of us effected other than the one statement above
      p.s. if this comment posts it will be a miracle – my third attempt

      1. I forgot to add, I´m sorry to hear you´ve had these problems. I haven´t suffered them myself yet, but can imagine how frustrating it must be after working so hard to build a community of followers you know appreciate your efforts.

  2. Wow, this is amazing! I’ve not experienced anything like this but know that Matt Mullinweg is highly involved in keeping the internet democratized so all can use it. He’s always fighting some legal battle somewhere with regard to it.

    1. it’s a case of the Internet Watch Foundation flagging a porn site on WordPress so then the ISP makes us all suffer perdition with a wide sweep. It’s always TalkTalk and a couple of others that they own so yet another reason to switch providers

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