Smart photoart: Hanging up to dry

Another Friday and another photoart. I’ve been experimenting with digital watercolor effects and this archetypal waterscape makes an ideal subject.

Smart Photo Editor comes with pre-designed ‘soft watercolor’ edit which has a blurred, textured paper effect. It’s a bit OTT but if I reduce the opacity, much of the texture is lost. Thus I export the edit as an image and then re-import as an overlaid layer. Now when I reduce the opacity, to approx 70%,  it still looks like a watercolor. Definition is then added with a detail effect.

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The paper effect does not show up well in the smallness of the slideshow so do click on the finished version. Because of its obvious resemblance, I’ve named the watercolour willow ‘Tresses’ which appear to drip and dry over the lake. Actually its hanging up to dry in my dedicated photoart blog.


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