WPC: Reflections

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: ReflectionsThe Shard reflection in a window, Borough High StreetThere’s a shard in my lettuce –  mirroring the famous crystalline façade.
yellow_reflectionThe nexus of yellow bag and water hydrant sign caught my eye, and right on cue, the girl rushed in and completed the scene.
cityscape_reflectionThe city skyline with its shock of the new, gives pause to ponder.
window reflection of Borough High StConsidering the seemingly endless chaos of movement, I wonder at how life in the metropolis is able to run so smoothlyscraping the cloudscapeEvery now and then, a world event cuts through the frivolity of blog posts and causes us to stop and reflect
– what happened to Flight MH370 is too wicked for words.


18 thoughts on “WPC: Reflections

  1. Some interesting photos. Specially like the last one. (I like that a great deal.) The girl with the hydrant looks as if she’s got stuck in the door. I suppose it was the moment.

    1. I see what you mean Lucy – I guess the frozen in time moments seem more discordant because this subject was on the move. Perhaps a motion blur would have been better – something to consider

  2. I do love how London is so crammed with both ancient and very modern architecture right alongside each other, yet it all melds so effortlessly. (Although perhaps not everyone may think so)!

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