Weather Gallery: March 2014

Perhaps winter had wrung out all the raindrops, for this month has been mostly dry and relatively warm, often with above average temperatures, and excelling to 20C right now. March came in like a lamb and is exiting like a tame, Namibian lion. In between there was a brief spell of rain as well as a short, sharp shock of cold and hail, at the Vernal Equinox.Ā  Called a ‘blackthorn winter’, it was just Spring taking a last look at the passing season.

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“The sun at noon to higher air,
Unharnessing the silver Pair
That late before his chariot swam,
Rides on the gold wool of the Ram.

So braver notes the storm-cock sings 1.
To start the rusted wheel of things,
And brutes in field and brutes in pen
Leap that the world goes round again.” ~ A.E. Housman

march_daffodilsDedication: Remembering those lives lost and decimated in March’s mudslide at Oso, Washington County: How you can help

1. Storm cock is a Mistle thrush – Listen


6 thoughts on “Weather Gallery: March 2014

  1. Thanks for keeping me in touch, Laura. We seem to be getting exactly the same weather here, down in the far south of Spain. The same clouds, the same showers, and even the same temperatures. Feels as if Andalucia has floated northwards and is anchored somewhere off the Isle of Wight.

    1. I like how our gardens differ – we are almost done with crocuses by now but by summer you’ve entered a totally different plantscape to ours. Happy Aprilwith lots of time now to garden šŸ˜‰

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