Faffing with photos

Spring is bringing the colour back to the landscape’s cheeks but I’ve returned to monochrome. Last week’s Saharan sand-dusting muted the atmoshere and set the tone for this reduction of palette.

Spring in tavistock square - monochromeBy way of comparison I faffed with photos for each of these captures, switching between the greytone palette and the camera’s stronger, high contrast mode.



Mixed plant textures, Epimedium’s mottled leaves,  as well as swathes of Spurge. Personally I love the dark licorice and ice contrasts –  maybe its because I find its surety assuring for I’m in an undecided modality. What do others think I wonder?high contrast mono of Spring flowers, Tavistock square


12 thoughts on “Faffing with photos

  1. I like that balance between contrast and not too much contrast but so often, what works with one doesn’t work with another … always experimenting.

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