WPC: On top

Raising an assemblage of images for the weekly photo challenge: On Topthe city heights of LondonIn the heart of the city, it feels like everything is on top or even about to topple

statue of atlas holding the celestial sphereUnlike Sisphyus and the rolling stone,  Atlas carries his atop  his shoulders. Easy for a Titan – look closer and quite correctly it’s not the world he upholds – but the celestial sphere

the great fire of london monument, pudding laneCompleted in 1677 to mark the spot that sparked the city’s conflagration a decade earlier, the 40 foot monolithic monument is topped off with a flaming urn of gilt bronze.

crow's look out from a plane tree - monochromeCorvids are always on the look out and give their name to the highest point aloft the sailing ships – the crow’s nest.
starling of St Paul'sThis starling is on top of the world – having bagged the feather for its nest, it remained a while in this uplifted pose,  in the tree tops below the dome of St Paul’s cathedral.

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
― Meister Eckhart


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