Tuesday triptych: flying dreams

As far back as I can remember, winged things from birds to butterflies had me enthralled. And then the film biopic of R. J. Mitchell and his superlative spitfire in ‘First of the few’ hooked me on aircraft. So it was hardly altruism when I took my lovely, military-minded grandson to the museum at Hendon, where many of the greats of aviation history are to be found. Grouped in hangars they are like ships aground, streamlined machines dreaming of their flying days.

flight of dreams
dreams of flight

5 thoughts on “Tuesday triptych: flying dreams

  1. I loved planes as well. My father was in the RAF, during the war. I used to build model aircraft from Airfix kits. The Hurricane and the Spitfire were my favourites. Do they still have life-size planes hanging from the ceiling in the Science Museum in South Kensington? I popped in quite a few times, when passing, just to see them.

  2. I’m envious, we used to go to RAF Valley open day back when we used to holiday on Anglesey, and I also remember a trip to an air museum when I was very young and being thrilled that I was allowed to sit in the gunner’s turret in a wwII plane. Plus planes are so very photogenic.

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