2014 London Tree Week #1

I’m joining in the spirit of London Tree Week 2014 with a one a day arboreal post, celebrating urban trees in and around Central London. Focus is on specimens that live on the streets rather than in the slightly more salubrious atmosphere of parks and gardens. Though I aim to be accurate, species identification is not guaranteed!

To illustrate the design element of street plantings, I’m employing high contrast, monochrome ‘Text mode’ shots alongside colour photos of the locale.

stencilled text mode shot of plane trees on tottenham court rdFirst up has to be the common-or-garden workhorse of urban trees – the London Plane. Interspersed along the south-side mile of Tottenham Court Road are lines of Platanus × acerifolia. Visually they may not be particularly remarkable but from a pedestrian’s perspective they are a welcome, green borderline, blocking the sight of heavy traffic and momentarily giving a whiff of oxygen in an otherwise chock-a-block atmosphere. Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
The London Plane
London Tree Week 2014


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