2014 London Tree Week #2

This is Regents Place, annexed off one of London’s major artery routes where bus, train and car conglomerate. For a long while it idled as a run-down forgotten back side off the Euston Road but over the past 30 years has been gradually gentrified into a green and pleasant pedestrian thoroughfare and office recreation area.line of oaks in Regents Place - stencilled text mode A line of oaks – not native Q. robus but probably Pin or even Nuttall Oaks*- stand neatly in line below smart paving, filling the honey-combed, glass frontages with their deeply indented and frilly foliage.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
How to identify different oak trees
Regents Place (PDF)


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    1. I’ve noticed some London streets where locals are improving/widening the tree pits for some cheery underplanting – newer urban tree developments are often too sterile

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