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2014 London tree week #3

There is a mixed tree planting scheme along  Bedford Place although Field Maples are the dominant feature. These Acer Campestre are a British native, commonly found at field edges and in countryside hedging alongside Hawthorn and Blackthorn. Bedford Place Field Maple txt modeSeemingly out of place in a city context, the Field Maple makes an attractive urban tree turning butter yellow in Autumn. Tolerant of dry, poor, or sandy soils, its also desirable for the lack of root damage to its surrounds.Exif_JPEG_PICTUREOn a bus route, this Bloomsbury road is a cut through for traffic and a locale for many small hotels near the British Museum. Thus I suspect that these are hybrid trees, having more compact crowns than their origins and given the soubriquet ‘Streetwise’:

Acer campestre Streetwise is a native field maple tree that has been bred with a neat, narrow, upright egg shaped canopy, which makes it perfect for planting on roadsides, small gardens and other places where space is limited (Ashridge trees)



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