trafalgar_sq_fountainAm refreshing the look of this blog from the magazine style oxygen theme to a one column format with space for showcasing images*, and thus doing away with the necessity to click for enlarged views. After all this is my photo blog and with the warmer weather, now feels like a good time to take the plunge.

Even so I feel the large view format (1024 *768) is too OTT and prefer to customise the image size to no more than 800*600trafalgar_sq_fountain

*this is the Kelly theme. What do others think?


16 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. Hi Laura, I like the large picture layout! I’ve been dithering to change my own photo blog theme to one with one coloumn/large pic layout but haven’t found the perfect one yet…
    I actually like both of the picture sizes you’re showing above, but on a laptop the smaller one is the perfect size.

    1. ‘Kelly’ is not perfect for me but fits the bill – the feedback about the smaller size & laptops is just what I needed to know – thank you Kiki.
      Hope you find the right showcase for your wonderful images soon

  2. Your new layout looks great. Nice, clean and refreshing! As for the images 800×600 is just fine on laptop and although I don’t find the larger one ott it may be a disadvantage for some slower connections so the second one I think is best.

    1. have identified with oxygen theme for so long it took a leap of faith to change. Thanks for the feedback Seonaid- useful to know how it appears on other platforms especially as this theme is supposed to be device adaptable

  3. I like, Laura! 800 x 600 fits perfectly on the vertical on my laptop, but 900+ x 620 would still fit. Much as I like the supersized pic (horrible, handy americanism), one does need to scroll and for a photographer to whom composition is as important as anything else, that is a no-no. However should you want to show detail, there is no harm in posting both sizes as you’ve done here!.I love the large and simple font too. You might have noticed that I mentioned on my blog that I’ve played with the idea of changing themes – but I am worried about the effect on existing posts.

    1. thanks for that Jack – that does it – am going for 850 as compromise. Large enough to view but not too cumbersome to scroll – and still with the option to click for larger image.
      The effect on existing posts has been that this theme adds the featured image to a post doubling up the effect so am slowly removing featured images which my previous theme needed 😦
      otherwise I love the fresh start

    1. thanks for noticing! this is a panorama of part of Russell Square – my new camera has this facility but I converted to b&w as it concentrated the colour too much (might have to read the manual and understand why!)

    1. oh no Jack – check in the forums to see if there is any way back but otherwise now is your chance to take the leap, go forward and play with all the themes and see which you like – you can collate the view just to show free themes (see top link in the theme viewer). Will be checking back on you!

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