Peeking in the park

Since I’m confined to short walks and lots of sitting, I zoomed and captured what I saw from a single position in my local square. It was late on in the afternoon and the light was good, as evidenced by this professional photographer with his photogenic subject. Happy Solstice – now it’s summer!
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Inspired by one post that regularly pops up in the searches: photoart Friday: figures in the park


29 thoughts on “Peeking in the park

  1. I do so enjoy your interaction with your camera and your subjects, Laura! And the way you refine the package you offer us to the point where it is art in its own right!

      1. Last night was cloudy, Laura and so when I took the boys up to the tar road at 6.15am to catch the school bus, it was all but dark! Being close to the Tropic of Capricorn, starting an ordinary day in the dark is very strange to us…

      1. Thank you so much, Laura! That’s very kind of you. As are the comments – so much to master. I hope you’re able to spend some of the longest day in your lush park.

    1. recent back surgery is my restraint Seonaid but I’ll soon be kicking over the traces. Our London light cannot hold a candle to yours as your recent photos prove πŸ™‚

      1. But London has compensations other than light…..look at all those subjects just waiting to be captured on camera….people watching is such fun, but not something you can do much of in Highlands…..Edinburgh on the other hand is currently swelling with summer visitors πŸ™‚
        I hope your recovery continues smoothly….pacing is the key!

  2. I love the new look of the blog and the wonderful display of your gorgeous shots…glad to hear you are up and out more so than I am…but I need to venture out more now that I can sit up more and stand longer.

    1. thank you Donna – you must know the feeling but I think the new blog reflects a need to extend boundaries – virtual & real. Am doing much more than advised but no harm done and feel better for it

  3. Nice captures… I like taking random picks… I’m not good at portraits, but the random shots do come put rather good… It also leaves out wondering…

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