Monochrome Madness 17: Photogenic

It takes 119.5 seconds poured at an angle of 45 degrees, for the perfect pint of Guiness to settle into its distinctive black and white…

…and refreshing myself here at the Rugby Tavern, I felt inspired to join Leanne’s Monochrome Madness week 17 with this capture:

[shot in black and white alongside this colour series: Peeking in the park]


13 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 17: Photogenic

  1. Very nice series!
    In my younger day, I used to drink Guinness. It used to drive the barmaid mad. As I walked a couple of miles to ‘my pub’ (passing numerous on the way) – I often ordered ‘a pint of Guinness and a pint of bitter while I’m waiting!’ I’m sure I came close to wearing it!

    Photographers with reflectors must be common place round there – nobody seems to be paying them any attention. Also interesting are their matching tops.

      1. πŸ™‚ – I don’t touch any shorts now, rarely drinking alcohol at all. I made myself very ill on rum and black one Christmas Eve, ruined Christmas and my family was not to happy ( I hasten to add I was in my late teens at the time).
        The matching tops is an interesting example of black and white emphasising pattern. How do you convert, do you use a channel mixer, desaturate or some other technique?

        1. err I just switch to monochrome on scene setting dial or dynamic mono on creative control options – Panasonic Lumix G6 – I have yet to venture in the deep end of manual settings

  2. Laura, I’m so glad you decided to participate in MM – these photos are wonderful! I have to admit, I’m not a beer drinker (I used to be, but nothing at all heavy), but love that you used the Guiness in the series πŸ™‚ Striped shirts in the last photo just make the image pop!

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