Weather Gallery: June 2014

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June is being heralded as the warmest and sunniest since…2010! Temperatures in London have dipped and overreached the favourable 70s in a prolonged warm, dry and sunny period between the 14th-26th. It has ended in unsettled days and rainfall, welcome, except perhaps at the Glastonbury Festival.

“This return of the Westerlies’ or the ‘June Monsoon’, identified by the late expert climatologist, Hubert Lamb, is a semi-regular invasion of northern and western Europe by frequent rain bearing weather systems from the Atlantic. It is expected towards the end of June, lasting in early July, and often occurs after a spell of dry and settled weather in late May and early June 1.

Since I spent the first part of June looking at a hospital ceiling, my return to the vertical and the exterior brought a renewed joy in the ever-changing clouds so I make no apologies for the plethora of skies shown here:-

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1. Return of the Westerlies – & monthly data from Weather Cast


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    1. Jack, thank you – am honoured to have the South African motto applied (confess I had to research it). Hope you enjoyed the first of the summery slideshows – your winter is looking good too

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