Monochrome madness #19: watergate

One or other of these stairwell interiors nearly made it as my preference for this week’s monochrome madness #19 but this is my ultimate submission:

I think this archway was a Georgian watergate before the Victorians built the embankment and left Somerset House high and dry. The muddle and depth of the interior is not pretty but it appealed to me –


18 thoughts on “Monochrome madness #19: watergate

    1. thanks for all your input LauraM – I seemed to have made the wrong choice this week! featured the watergate because it had depth and frame and is unusual being the back apsect of the wonderful Somerset House we are used to seeing. As with the image comments I made – did wonder if the stairwell lacked that je ne sais quoi?

      1. Oh I think it probably didn’t make it because either Leanne didn’t get it or it got lost or it didn’t make the deadline. She doesn’t discriminate on posting pics. I’ve gotta run now for a few days. Please don’t take it personally. Email her again to find out why ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. thanks for all your encouragement Laura -no I did not send it in – understand the confusion now, must edit my text to make it clearer that it was my choice not Leanne’s. See you later!

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